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    I love to...

    I love to create and navigate possibility spaces in which people can safely and clearly engage authentic adulthood initiatory processes.
    I love to empower people to empower other people how to do this too. I intend to empower 100 Possibility Management Trainer-Trainer Trainers before I die.

    I love building bridges to next culture - archearchy - the culture that comes after matriarchy and patriarchy. But I have discovered that you cannot cross a bridge until you have found the bridge and are at the bridge...

    I enjoy helping people heal technopenuriaphobia (TPP) the fear of being without modern technology, so people can reconnect to Gaia and the Earth and become global citizens.

    I write books and articles, make videos, give talks, and design and deliver initiatory processes in trainings. I have a lot of wild projects going on.

    I love the possibility of people taking radical responsibility for their culture and coming together and establishing nanonations. I have drafted a model nanonation constitution.

    Mostly these days I pray we will make the shift to a regenerative human presence on Earth.

    I think Gaia would love her human experiment to work.

    I would love it too.

  • Projects

    I am excited about 3 new websites I am working on:


    Presence Journeyer Training: http://www.presencejourneyer.strikingly.com

    This website is an invitation to an amazing opportunity for learning the best stuff I know of.


    Initiations Org: http://www.initiations.org

    This website is full of powerful initiation distinctions and connections to authentic initiators.


    Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School and SWLabs: http://swmschool.strikingly.com

    It's time.


    A young man recently asked me if he and I could find a project that we could work on together. I said, "Yes. The project thing is straightforward. Here are the projects I am working on. See if any of them resonate with you and get your butt working on them with me:


    - Upgrade human thoughtware into authentic-adulthood-initiation-centered archearchy cultures. Replace current curricula in schools and universities with initiatory processes that unfold people's unique talents by skilling-them-up to be their destiny in action to create a bright future for Gaia and the Earth.


    - Assign belief systems the same authority and respect as fantasy stories. Anybody can believe anything about anything. So what? Beliefs have no connection to reality. A belief and 50 cents will get you on the bus.


    - Eliminate hierarchies as acceptable forms of power structure in governments, religions, etc. If you eliminate the hierarchies there won't be governments or religions. Hierarchies promote psychopathic behaviors, and give psychopaths a place to build their terrified psychopathic empires.


    - Reconnect people directly to life without money in between. The moment someone thinks, "I need money to live," they have become a slave in a value-diminishing economic system run by Zombies. Why do I say Zombies? Because if you walk by the millionaire's and billionaire's yachts for example, resting here in the harbors of Mallorca in the evening, what you see is the flickering blue-lights of televisions screens. They are billionaires! How do they spend their time? Watching television. Zombies watch television. Zombies play the game of trying to get their name on as many pieces of paper as possible that say they own property so they can collect rent and watch more television. If you pay rent to anyone you are a Zombie maker. Value has value. Money disconnects people from a brilliant life of delivering their value and focuses them a survival life of trying to make money.


    - Initiate one million global edgeworkers to connect with their 5 bodies and then their archetypal lineages so they can effectively become bridges to archearchy and weave the global network of one-hundred million regenerative-culture interdepending nanonations.


    - Train Possibility Management Trainers to train Possibility Management Trainers how to train Possibility Management Trainers. You do this by becoming a Trainer-Trainer Trainer. When there are 100 Trainer-Trainer Trainers humanity will rapidly upgrade its thoughtware, because each Trainer-Trainer Trainer will train 100 Trainer-Trainers, and each Trainer-Trainer will train 100 Trainers, and each Trainer will train 1000 clients, customers, or participants. 100 TTTs x 100 TTs x 100 Ts x 1000 people = 1,000,000,000 people. This generates one billion newly-initiated radically-responsible adults in the world.


    Do we have a deal?"


    I welcome collaborators helping to make these things happen...



    Ecosystem Restoration Co-op and Camps

    facebook group

    You will find Evolution and Transformation Circle support is at this link:



    Evolution Circle Support Team:


    Andrei Iuroaia

    Email: iuroaia.andrei@yahoo.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/iuroaia.andrei
    Telephone: +40 (0)742990175 (Romania)

    Skype: iuroaia.andrei


    Charling Tao

    Email: charling.tao@gmail.com


    Brian Cartwright

    Email: briancartwright2@gmail.com


    Florian Becquereau



    Clinton Callahan

    Email: clinton@nextculture.org

    Skype: clintoncallme


    Jillian Hovey

    Email: jillian@permaculture.net

    Skype: jillianhovey






    Expand The Box

    Possibility Labs

    Life Labs

    Presence Journeyer Training

    Sorceress & Wizard Labs



    with Clinton Callahan


    GEN Conference Sweden 16-20 July 2017

    (see: www.angsbacka.se)

    Expand The Box 11-15 October 2017
    Possibility Lab 18-22 October 2017

    Presence Journeyer Training 1-5 November 2017

    near Bilbao, Spain

    (see: www.presencejourneyer.strikingly.com)

    SWLab (Sorceress & Wizard Lab) 14-18 March 2018

    (see: www.swmschool.strikingly.com)

    Expand The Box 2-6 May 2018

    Possibility Lab 9-13 May 2018

    Life Lab 4-8 July 2018

    SWLab 5-9 September

    (see: www.swmschool.strikingly.com)

    Expand The Box 10-14 October 2018

    Possibility Lab 17-21 October 2018


    For info and registration please write to:

    Rudolf Lenz

    except for Presence Journeyer Lab, then write to:

    Clinton Callahan


    To find Possibility Management trainings with other amazing Trainers please visit our shared global CALENDAR.


    To face into your issues regarding money, please read this ARTICLE

    and consider participating in the 3-day Empowered Fundraising workshop directly after the October PLab in Mallorca 23-25 October 2017

    delivered by Andrei Iuroaia.

    Register with Ruldolf Lenz: info@rudolflenz.de




    Possibility Management

    Trainer Guild

    Empowering culture shift edgeworkers to upgrade human thoughtware.

    Empowering 100 Trainer-Trainer Trainers.


    Trainer Training Website




    Next Culture Press

    Life-enhancing books in English and German from some of your favorite authors:

    Good Night Feelings

    Radiant Joy Brilliant Love

    Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings

    Edgeworker (only in German)









    Initiation Game

    Massively-Multiplayer On-and-Offline Personal Development Game


    GDD (Game Design Document) is accessible through the Films and Books link below.


    Who is on the team to make this happen?





    Possibility Management

    Next culture personal development...

    We learn to empower each other in our full potential, living life at our best, free of conditioning and limitations.

    We want to see the human race thriving on Earth, co-creating the world we each want to live in!







    The concept that land on Earth can be owned by either a person or an organization is a superstition, easy to understand, but without basis in reality.

    The laws that declare the legality of buying and selling land are based on an ecocidal paradigm. Submitting yourself to western civilization’s rule of law is criminally insane.

    There is already a precedent that nation-states exist wherever the bearer of a passport of that nation-state stands. Therefore nation-states do not have to be associated with plots of land on Earth.

    A nanonation is a cultural-context-space held by a group of three or more people mutually committed to each other while serving a common purpose.


    How to build and occupy your own nanonation.






    Jellyfish Meetings

    Extraordinarily powerful free-form co-creation

    for groups of 15 to 150 collaborators.


    Meet like-minded people, connect, solve problems and collaboratively expand your projects together.


    High level fun!








    Gaia Is Hiring


    25th - 28th of May 2017 - Puls der Erde


    In summer 2015 the Possibility Management Trainer Patrizia Servidio followed an amazing impulse to announce online that GAIA IS HIRING (Link to her article).

    She has since then been receiving an overwhelming response.

    After being joyfully surprised but also flabbergasted she invited a team to come together and organize the first “GAIA IS HIRING” UnConference.


    This will happen in Germany at Puls der Erde






    Puls der Erde


    Community for researching and spreading sustainable ways of living.


    We put clear strong seeds into the Earth so that our next generations can harvest. Our intention is to grant our children high quality four-body food on a daily basis so they grow into responsible adults helping to bridge the Earth into a blossoming oasis.






    MY Film and book projects

    Stories and filmscripts in process...

    Bridges to Next Culture (book and video) by Clinton Callahan

    Following an impulse from Marion Callahan in 2012, a team of between 3 and 9 Possibility Managers followed the whims of Gaia through South-East Asia and around the world for three-quarters of a year. During the journey we made video interviews with over 60 astonishing edgeworkers about their projects and the insights that allowed them to succeed. These interviews have yet to be cut into short-bits for a film/link book, and then woven together into a full-length documentary. Who wants to do this with me?

    Collaboration (short filmscript) by Clinton Callahan

    Mike: Hi, I’d like one loaf of bread.

    Baker: Whole wheat or rye?

    Mike: Whole wheat, please.

    Baker: You are new around here.

    Mike: Yes. I heard this was the best bakery in town!

    The baker wraps the fresh warm loaf of bread in brown paper and places it on top of the glass display case. Mike hands the baker a five Euro bill. The baker doesn’t even begin to reach for it. He squints directly into Mike's eyes.

    Baker: Perhaps you don’t know what that is.

    Mike: This? It’s money.

    Baker: It is a false paradigm.

    Mike: What?

    Baker: Money has misbehaved.

    Mike: What do you mean, misbehaved?

    Baker: I mean that people give value to that paper in your hand or to numbers on a bank’s website. It’s a big mistake.

    Mike: But this is worth five Euros! It’s a medium of exchange.

    Baker: That’s the point. You think that piece of paper has value. I don’t. If I don't value that paper how can there be a fair exchange? There is no exchange-rate between that paper and the currency I use.

    Mike: How do I pay for this bread then? What’s your currency?

    Baker: Creative collaboration.

    Mike: What?

    Baker: I don’t bake bread for money. I bake bread because it turns me on to make bread for people in our community. If I exchanged my bread for that money then I would contaminate our local culture with an artifact from a culture that is rapidly headed for self-destruction. I won’t do that. My culture is too precious to contaminate it with that money.

    Mike: But this is worth more than your loaf of bread!

    Baker: Not to me...

    End of Waiting (full-length feature filmscript) by Clinton Callahan

    This is the story of a slight intervention by Gaia, the living spirit of planet earth. Due to the actions of mankind Gaia has gradually come to fear for her life. After great deliberation she has decided to take action. She reaches through the field of coincidences to influence the lives of a few extraordinary human beings. Her wish is to continue playing the infinite game of evolution. This is the same wish as mankind - although many have forgotten. Gaia is a gentle and kind Goddess playing against unimaginable forces of darkness. There is not much hope that she will succeed. Using education instead of force she delicately unbalances the disorder and invites her allies to build the Hidden University.


    End of Waiting (novel) by Clinton Callahan

    “We are asaXhosa – the fierce people.” She wills the familiar words to return things to the old normal again. “I have a gift to give and the gift requires me to create. Creating is different from pro-creating. The village needs my gift.”


    Heat waves shimmer beyond the wall of the dirt-floored compound. Cicadas screech louder and it interrupts her thinking. Her gaze drops to her arms where her baby, only a few days old, stops breathing, shudders once, and dies. The flies are already eating his face.


    She doesn’t move. She doesn’t cry out. There is nothing anyone can do to help, and no one to do it besides. Her son’s death goes unnoticed in the world. She waits a few moments to establish contact with his soul and then speaks the death prayer to guide his passage. “To the one who did not yet have a name…”


    JET and Eddie develop a news-scanning program which detects the intention vectors forcing modern culture towards oblivion. Someone is taking civilization down on purpose, while Mother nature fights to initiate humans into adulthood. If civilization is the eggshell, what is hatching out? And who is the chicken? It's time for JET and Eddie to invent a new game.

    Galaxy Babes (filmscript opening scene) by Clinton Callahan

    Carola and Suzanne are ironing. They wear t-shirts with a big logo that says 'Ironing Maidens.'

    Suzanne farts and makes a kind of focused face. She does not stop ironing.

    Suzanne farts again.

    CAROLA: “If you could teach me to fart like that we could shove tubes up our butts and heat these irons with bio-gas.”

    Suzanne farts again.

    CAROLA: Wrinkles her nose at the stink. “Or is this a new perfume you are developing to prove to our customers that we are vegetarian?”

    Suzanne glances up at Carola but keeps ironing.

    CAROLA: “What I still don’t understand is why a trained quantum physics philosopher like you has chosen a career of ironing shirts.”

    SUZANNE: “That’s simple to answer. It is because I get to spend my time with you telling me jokes instead of with university bureaucrats telling me they are going to reduce my funding.”

    Carola laughs.

    SUZANNE: (continues) “…plus I like getting rid of wrinkles…” She proudly holds up a freshly ironed shirt that she has buttoned around a simple wooden hanger, and grabs another un-ironed shirt from the basket for comparison. “I get to change this (the wrinkled shirt) into this (the ironed shirt). It’s very rewarding.”

    CAROLA: “I think it’s funny how much you can tell about a person’s life by digging through their laundry. For example, I know that Janice ate curry, that Sam has a new girlfriend, that the Dinkel family went out to the steak house after church, and that the Stevenson boy, what’s his name? Garth! Had a rough football game… This is what I am thinking about. What are you thinking about?”

    SUZANNE: “I was thinking about wrinkles, about time, and about opportunities. I was thinking how I can only choose to use an opportunity when that opportunity is present. So having an opportunity is one wrinkle of cloth touching another wrinkle. If you choose to use an opportunity you jump from one wrinkle to the next wrinkle. It’s like using rare opportunities to make space-time jumps. And each choice you make changes everything.”

    CAROLA: Has stopped ironing and stares at Suzanne. “You heard of that story called A Wrinkle In Time?”

    SUZANNE: “Yes. But what is most amazing is to get it that if human beings in the future ever figure out how to do time travel - to jump from one time-wrinkle to the next - then the time travelers are already here.”

    In that moment the doorbell rings...

    Gameworld (story) by Clinton Callahan

    In the book Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda briefly mentions a set of distinctions he got from his teacher Don Juan Matus, who called these ideas the four enemies of a man on the path. I am sure that women on the path have the same enemies…


    Many years after first learning of them their importance finally struck me. If it is wise to know your selves, it would be equally wise to know your enemies. Your selves and your enemies are dancing together in vampire and victim gyrations.


    The way to get to know your enemies is to fight them. By struggling against your enemies you discover the profoundness of the grip they have on you and you discover who you are. You detect where in you they hide and by what mechanism the enemies lock into your Being and you discover your inner structure.


    The first enemy of a Being on the path of personal emergence into adulthood is fear.


    You were trained that fear is bad, fear is negative, fear means something is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. Because of your lack of initiation into an adult, conscious, responsible relationship with fear, when you feel afraid – even barely-detectable 1% intense afraid – it stops you dead in the middle of creating a new future. Not only that, it usually retracts you reflexively back into your comfort zone, the turtle popping back into his shell. Perhaps you never again explore in that direction. How many opportunity doors have you closed this way?


    Without luck, without accidental help from your friends and enemies, without courage and real efforts on your part to grow up, you may remain a victim of fear for the remainder of your life, never battling this enemy into submitting to your ownership. You may know people crystallized at this level? Still afraid of fear. Still hesitating rather than going forward into the transformational jaws of new possibility. You do not have to be one of them. The cure for fear is clarity.


    By discovering that fear is one of the four feelings accompanied by anger, sadness and joy, your fear is tamed. You experientially detect what fear feels like, the quickening of reaction, bypassing the mind to escape fast enough, or thrash out against the threat. The hair standing up on arms and the back of your head. Eyes wide, fingers out, the tension in your chest, the terrifying high-pitched scream at the top of your throat. These sensations can now be consciously detected and navigated, start and stop, from 0% to 100% intense, a lively but neutral energy and information that serves you in practical ways. With the clarity that fear is not bad or negative, fear becomes an ally, an intelligent tool. Fear tells you what to take care of, what to watch out for, what to notice and handle so things come out well. Fear gives you subtle warning that turns into precision for navigating delicate maneuvers and spaces. You cannot navigate spaces of love without direct and ongoing access to the carefulness generated by fear. Clarity about fear frees you from your enemy!


    You can dare! You can show up, even if you are afraid! You can choose options that are not offered on the menu. You can speak out and ask for what you want. Clarity is your hero.


    So you start collecting clarity, all the clarity you can get... more and more clarity, and more clarity, until you realize that you can't actually do anything with the clarity. To do things you need power...

    Inititiation (GDD Game Design Document) by Clinton Callahan

    Massively-Multiplayer On-and-Offline Personal Development Game.


    Karma Kops (filmnovel) by Clinton Callahan

    No one would do bad stuff if they fully realized the automatic karmic consequences created by their actions. Instead of police going around trying to catch people in crimes, and courts trying to punish people after they made a mess, Karma Korps trainers go around giving people a chance to see the karmic consequences of their actions so they get more of a choice about what they are creating for themselves in their near future.


    When police typically encounter someone from knowing what is right or wrong they create a power struggle. Egos clash. It’s a contest about who is baddest, who is fastest, who has the most powerful weapons, who is going to win.


    Guy Pendrift starts learning in his dreams about new kinds of non-confrontational engagement of the Karma Korps. His girlfriend thinks he has gone nuts, but life gives Guy plenty of chances to try out his new skills. He fails more often than not, and his feisty fight or flight reflex gets him in trouble with bigger and bigger enemies.

    Momenta (filmscript scenes) by Clinton Callahan


    “And inside the hollow thing… is emptiness…”

    “I think it was always like this...”

    “Before now I was not ready to accept it”

    “I thought I had to be somebody in the world. Be somebody for you so you would love me.”



    Being completely still.



    Close up of wood burning in the stove, orange and red, crackling, becoming glowing coals.



    “Now… that ‘somebody’ is gone.”

    “It was only an illusion… or delusion… all those needs… pressures.”

    He sighs.

    “Now I am an empty space.”

    Morph (story) by Clinton Callahan

    "What’s up, dude? Your computer crash again?"

    Silence. Soberness. It looks like it may even be grief. Djinn never shows grief...

    “Did somebody die?” Hank is afraid.

    “Maybe yes.”

    “What are you talking about Djinn? What do you mean ‘maybe yes’?”

    Unprecedented silence, the sound of a soul dropping irretrievably into a black hole that has no intentions at all of ever spitting it back out.

    “Here, sit down dude. I’ll bring coffee.”

    “No coffee!”

    “Coke then… or tea?”


    “Uh…” Hank ehausts his repertoire of solutions. He stands with hands out in utter hopelessness.

    “I think I died," says Djinn.

    Hank can’t even begin to wrap his mind around this. “You died...”

    “Yes. It feels like that... Approximately… I would imagine… All my Bitcoins have vanished..."

    Chin never spoke with so little energy. Hank is worried. “Can you say more about this?”

    “Okay, coffee…” says Djinn. “No wait! We need the Team. Call the Team. We’re going on a journey. Tell people to pack lightly for three weeks. We start now and we’re going dark. Close your computer. Forget the coffee. There is no time. ”

    They write a constitution, make their own passports, start a nanonation, and create a darknet underground railroad team helping people escape from modern culture to next culture. Then they discover to the refugee camp on Lesbos Island, Greece, and they create a structure for delivering EDE to the refugees, so they skill up to deliver. That is when they are discovered...

    Nano (story) by Clinton Callahan

    Alan is an electronic genius and a secret billionaire (...a billion is nano). While testing his highly sensitive new Geiger counter in San Francisco the meter goes crazy. He discovers an underground stockpile of fissionable Plutonium hidden there by terrorists. Alan’s team decides to capture the plutonium and drop it into a live volcano in Hawaii using their quad drones. But there is a downside to radical responsibility…

    Night School (story) by Clinton Callahan


    Odd Suess (story) by Clinton Callahan


    One Musketeer (story) by Clinton Callahan


    Return to Earth (story) by Clinton Callahan


    See Riyah (story) by Clinton Callahan


    Switch (story) by Clinton Callahan

    As Davis Hatcher follows his father’s footsteps into the Eugene Police force his future diverges when he gets the assignment to infiltrate activist circles. Thoughtware upgrades are, afterall, thoughtware upgrades, so by the time he is de-paving the streets of downtown Eugene he has switched sides...

    (Based on the Massively-Multiplayer On-and-Offline Personal Development Game: INITIATION. )


  • "The nature of reality is groundlessness."


    Pema Chodron

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